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Classic Age Advantage Beef

Oberg Brothers Classic Beef is beef from our mature cows. Mature cow beef is rich in beefy flavor with nutty undertones that can only be found in mature beef. The flavor profile is deep and reflects the work the animal has done grazing on our ranch in Havillah. Havillah is also known as the land of the gold because of the rich luscious grasses found only in this area.

These animals spend their entire life grazing producing meat rich in omega 3, and beta-carotene. The meat has a deep ruby red color with gorgeous flavorful yellow fat marbled throughout. Comparable to a fine wine Classic Beef only gets better with age. These animals have been allowed to grow at their own pace to develop marbling and a rich deep beef flavor.

Mature cow beef has been popular around the world for centuries and is now making its way through top steak houses throughout the U.S in high demand. Top chefs are now putting this high-quality meat on the menu. Although some cuts can be slightly tougher than those from younger beef, we go the extra mile to ensure tenderness and maximize flavor.

Our Classic Beef is harvested in late spring to early fall when the forage is at its peak this ensures a nice grass fat covering. This beef will dry age 21 days and tender-stretch in the cooler. These methods combine allow the muscle fibers to relax and stretch making the tougher cuts resemble those of younger beef.

Oberg Brothers Classic Beef is high quality, grass fed and in a class of its own.

You may order by the 1/2 or whole beef.

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