Oberg Brothers Natural Beef, free-ranged, grass fed
Oberg Brothers Natural Beef, free-ranged, grass fed
Oberg Brothers Natural Beef, free-ranged, grass fed
Oberg Brothers Natural Beef, free-ranged, grass fed
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Oberg Brothers Natural Beef, free-ranged, grass fed

Ordering Information
for Washington State and Idaho

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Oberg Brothers Natural Beef

Please call or e-mail us. Payment can be made by checks, or by debit/credit cards (for a slight fee).
509-485-3330 e-mail -

These prices include cutting and wrapping

Our butcher will cut and wrap the meat to your specifications.

Based on a 600 pound hanging weight:

Whole Beef: 600 x $ 3.93 lb = $2,358.00
Approx. 6 to 7 apple boxes of meat.

Half Beef: 300 x $ 3.99 lb = $ 1,197.00
Approx. 4 apple boxes of meat.

Quarter Beef: 150 x $ 4.09 lb = $ 613.50
Approx. 2 apple boxes of meat.

The quarter is a mixed quarter (limited on choices) ... you will get a little bit of everything ... New Yorks, Tenderloins, Rib Steaks, Roasts, Hamburger, etc.

Please note: The actual wt. of beef is around 55 to 65% of hanging wt. depending on how much you have deboned and ground.
This figures to around $6.25 per lb. for everything once it is in your freezer.

We request a $100.00 security deposit

which will be applied to your purchase.
You may make additional payments,
and the balance is due once we know the hanging wt. of your beef.

(Please note: the security deposit is non-refundable along with any additional payments towards your beef order.)

We deliver year round (providing there are good road conditions) to the following locations:
Chelan, Wenatchee, Leavenworth, Colville, Spokane and towns in between.

There is a minimal charge per order for delivery .

If you would like me to help you with the cutting and wrapping form (click here for form)
please e-mail or call Tina.

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e-mail - timmerman@nvinet.com Supply is limited to stock on hand ! phone - (509) 485-3330

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